Solo Stove Lightweight Wood Burning Camping Stove

Solo Stove Lightweight Wood Burning Camping Stove

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This stove is something a little different from the norm, it is an ultra lightweight wood burning camping stove. I can’t think of anything better than a stove that makes use of your surroundings as a fuel source. What could possibly be more cost effective than using the twigs and branches from around you to cook your dinner.

The Solo Stove Woodgas Ultra Lightweight Wood Burning Camping Stove has achieved a stunning average full score of 5 out of 5 stars in reviews from previous buyers on

So, let’s take a closer look at the technical specification of this stove:

IgnitionManual (match or lighter)
Boil time8 to 10 minutes (1 litre)
Carry case included?No
Power sourceWood, twigs & knidling
DimensionsNested: 11cm diameter x 9.5cm tall

Assembled: 11cm diameter x 14.5cm tall
Ideal forCamping, backpacking, hiking, picnics & beach visits
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Our Review

This is the first wood burning camping stove that I have reviewed, and wow was I impressed! I honestly don’t know why I haven’t considered one of these before. It is extremely friendly to the environment. I mean, by using this stove you are making use of reusable resources from your surroundings (which are also free) instead of filling up landfill sites with empty gas cartridges of adding even more pollution to the atmosphere with petrol.

The stove is ultra lightweight and folds down to become a compact camping stove that you can easily fit in to a backpacking bag or hiking bag. It is made from the highest premium quality stainless steel which makes it really easy to clean and maintain.

One thing I like about the stove is that you have quite a lot of control over what sort of power / heat it generates, and with a bit of practice you with having it down to a fine art. For a quick hot blast you use a bunch of very dry twigs and add the occasional thicker twig and this will keep it burning for ages. The only downside with this stove is if you are forced to use wet / damp wood it can take quite a while to get it going, and once it is going it gives off quite a bit of smoke. However, this is not something a little forward thinking and preparation couldn’t solve.

Overall, I would proudly own one of these wood burners. They are cheap to run, durable and friendly to environment which are all strong pluses for me.

You Turn

What are your thoughts on this wood burning camping stove? Is it something you would buy? Or, maybe you have had some experience with one in the past. Either way, I love to hear what my readers have to say. So please feel free to get in contact by leaving a comment below.

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