Mini Trangia Spirit Burner Stove & Cookset

Mini Trangia Spirit Stove & Cookset

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The Mini Trangia Spirit Burner Stove is a really clever and unique piece of equipment. It is designed specifically for hikers and backpackers as it comes with its own cookset including saucepan and frying pan. It is also one of the top 10 camping stoves and ranks at number 7. It has achieved 15 5 star reviews out of a total of 23 on Amazon – the average rating from buyers of this spirit stove is 4.5 out of 5 stars. Read the reviews on Amazon >>

This is an alcohol stove that operates using denatured alcohol – see the video below the spec table for a demonstration.

Here is table we have compiled to give you all the required specification features:

IgnitionManual - match or spark
Boil timeUnknown
Carry case included?No - but available as extra
Power sourceDenatured alcohol
Ideal forCamping, hiking, backpacking, etc
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Here is a video demonstration using the Mini Trangia Alcohol Stove cooking “Huevos Rancheros”

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Our Review

I’d just like to start off by just how COOL I think this stove is. It truly is magnificent. It packs away in to a tiny little set and weighs only 330g, perfect for hikers and backpackers when weight is a major thing to consider. It is so versatile, it has a saucepan and a frying pan and it allows you to boil water and fry at the same time if you choose. The handle detaches and snaps on to both which helps save space. If you haven’t already, please take 5 minutes to watch the video above as I think you will be really impressed. You can see the non-stick pan in action.

The stove runs on denatured alcohol which is reasonably easy to come by at any outdoor or camping store, or just do a Google search for it.

It also comes complete with a wind deflector which according to reviews from previous buyers is capable of withstanding some of the strongest winds which is exactly what you need standing at the top of a mountain!

It is so easy to set up and is made from metal which makes it really simple to clean.

My one word of warning, and I guess it goes without saying but allow time for it to cool down after use before putting it away. You could always just pour some cold water over it but this may be in short supply if you are travelling.

Final verdict? Brilliantly design and lives up to the Trangia reputation. I would not want to be without one in the wilderness.

You turn

Are you a keen hiker or backpacker? Would you, or do you own one of these? Let us know your thoughts as you may help someone make that final decision.

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