5 Reasons Everyone Should Own a Camp Stove

Super Camping StoveCamper or no camper, hiker or no hiker, I think everyone should own a camping stove. There are a few (well 5) good points I have on this which I am going to go in to with more detail on below. Here are my reasons:

Reason 1 – Power cuts
You never know when a power cut will happen. Power cuts can be the result of a number of different things too which makes it even harder to predict; linesmen working on the powerlines, wind blown a powerline down, powerline struck by lightning in a storm. Just ask yourself, where would you be if you had to sit at home and had no means of cooking? That is where a camping gas stove comes to the rescue!

Reason 2 – Gas supply out
Similarly with power cuts, your gas supply can be turned off without warning. If you rely totally on gas for your cooking you could be caught out. Any camping stove would get you out of trouble for a week or two if really needed. Just remember to keep some spare gas cylinders handy too.

Reason 3 – Entertaining
Have you ever cooked a meal for a large group of people? That is a lot of food to prepare that you don’t want getting cold! The compact gas stoves traditionally used for camping make great food warmers, simply turn the heat down and place your bowls or vegetables or meat on top and it will preserve the heat until you are ready to serve up. Especially helpful at Christmas!

Reason 4 – Caravanning & Motorhoming
Do you own a caravan or a motorhome? If so you will know how limited the cooking facilities can be in some of these vehicles. An additional hob or a little bit of extra grill space can really make the world of difference. A camping stove is small enough to be placed on the work surface in a caravan or motorhome without too much bother.

Reason 5 – In the Car
No, I haven’t gone mad… I do mean a camping stove for your car. Why? Well I have been out in the middle of nowhere when my car suddenly decided to give up on me and break down. Waiting the best part of a day with nothing to eat waiting for the recovery truck to arrive isn’t appealing to me. I keep a tin of soup and a stove in my boot all the time. You may also be glad of it if you get stranded in the snow in your car! A bit of warmth could help save your fingers.

I hope I have converted you to a camping stove loving person, maybe all of my reasons resonated with you and you now want to buy 5 stoves, one for each scenario! Either way I can help you make an informed decision on which one you should buy. Click here to take a look at our top 10 best selling camping stoves list, if you click on the photo of any of the stoves it has a detailed and in depth review.

Let me know your thoughts – are there any other circumstances in which you have been rescued by a good old camp stove?

PS. Did you like my “super camping stove” picture?


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