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Camping is a past time that became popular in the early 20th century, and today flocks of people travel hundreds and sometimes even thousands of miles to spend the week on a picturesque campsite and escape the “real world”.

It goes without saying that there is a massive list of equipment that is generally required on camping holidays but we are going to be talking about the camping stove in particular.

To begin with we have compiled the top 10 best camping stove list which can be seen below, starting with the best seller at the top. The list is arranged as follows:

  • Top 10 camping cookers ranking position (as per Amazon best sellers)
  • Stove image – image sourced from suppliers website
  • Description of stove (includes link to check best prices on Amazon) – in the chart we have only written a short summary but be sure to click on the pictures to read our own in depth reviews
  • Rating out of 5 (as supplied by customer reviews on – these products have been bought and tested many times over and honestly reviews by the people that purchased them

Note: Click on the image to see our detailed and in depth review of each stove

Top 10 Best Selling Camping Stoves

Rating (out of 5)
1Campingaz Camp Bistro StoveCampingaz Camp Bistro

A small, portable and convenient stove. Ideal for camping trips and beach visits

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2Campingaz Camping Chef StoveCampingaz Camping Chef Stove

Versatile camping stove and grill in one from Campingaz

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3Yellowstone 3 Burner Cooker & GrillYellowstone 3 Burner Cooker & Grill

A compact oven and grill combination with 3 burners that utilises gas

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4Yellowstone Portable Gas StoveYellowstone Portable Gas Stove

Portable gas stove with convenient carry case that operates with liquid butane gas cylinders

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5Portable Camping Gas StovePortable Butane Camping Gas Stove

Multi-use portable gas cooker complete with carry case & 2 free gas cylinders

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6Marksman Lightweight Camp StoveMarksman Lightweight Camp Stove

Lightweight and durable is what makes this camp stove stand out from the crowd

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7Mini Trangia Cookset StoveMini Trangia Cookset Stove

Another lightweight and versatile stove complete with cookset and spirit burner

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8Folding Solid Fuel Camping StoveFolding Solid Fuel Stove

This unique folding camp stove is very sturdy and uses solid fuel

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9Campingaz Twister Plus Piezo Gas StoveCampingaz Twister Plus Piezo Gas Stove

This clever stove uses stands on the cylinder it operates from making it compact

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10Vango Compact Gas StoveVango Compact Gas Stove

Easy to use compact gas stove in a neat little carry box with wind resistant features

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This video is a quick walkthrough of the top 10 list:

When else might you use a camp stove?

A camping stove is a real piece of versatile equipment, and I am not just talking to you campers out there. My own stove has been known to save my bacon (and cook it). Here is a small list of other times my gas stove has come in handy:

  • During power cuts: They happen at random and so you just don’t know when it is going to happen. I had 2 power cuts that last more than a day just last year, right in the middle of winter. Thankfully I had my travel stove in the garage which meant we were still able to eat hot meals and have a nice hot cup of coffee.
  • Household gas supply out: Now I know that not everyone has a separate gas bottle for their household cooker, but my parents do. On bank holidays and other occasions local grocery stores may be closed for the day meaning that you have to be prepared and ensure you have enough gas to see you through… But who has time to think about that? That’s why it is a great idea to get super prepared and invest in a portable stove.
  • Hiking: Many hikers are also campers, especially if you are the “hardcore” type who will hike for days through woods and forest. Hikers need to eat too! Due to the size and weight of most of the portable camp stoves they fit nicely in a hiker’s backpack and can be quickly set up and cleared away whilst filling the hiker’s belly with a nice warm cup of soup.
  • Caravanning / motorhoming: As you have probably noticed from reading the other 3 points above, it can never hurt to be prepared. Caravans and motorhomes run on a separate Calor gas bottle that could run out or the cooker or grill could suddenly stop working in the middle of your 4 week trip to the South of France. Wouldn’t it be a really great idea to have a backup plan? Most of the gas canisters that the stoves operate from are available throughout Europe – this is not the case with all so please check with your local retailer.

What types are available?

There are a large number of different types, shapes and sizes of stoves available on the market. You have the compact folding ones with their own matching carry case, the really tiny backpacking stoves that fit snug with your sleeping bag and other bits, the large camping kitchens where size is not really an object, among many others. There are also various fuel sources that the the different stoves use to operate, please see the following list:

  • Gas Canister for Camping StoveGas camping stoves: These stoves generally tend to use either the dumpy fat gas cylinders or the long and thin gas cartridges to power them, it will depend on what sort of stove you are using as to which canister you are going to need to use. The flat stoves will normally have a compartment for you to slide the long thin cartridge in, whilst the stand-up stoves usually utilise the cylinder itself as a stand. Gas is probably the most efficient power source as you have instant heat – but it comes with a price as the gas is generally more expensive. But gas is easy to come by throughout UK and most of Europe and you can use it in the middle of a field or forest with ease. 
  • Electric supplyElectric camping stoves: There are only a few portable electric stoves on the market. This is mainly due to the fact that needing to be near a 240V mains socket to use one kind of takes away many of the benefits of owning a portable stove as we discussed above. That being said, an electric stove is cheaper to run than a gas one as if you are using it on a campsite, many include electric hookup in the price. The few designs that can be found online are impressive and extremely unique. My personal favourite is in the form of a single electric hot plate with a temperature gauge – I think this is a great little piece of equipment that would make a nice add-on in your caravan or motorhome if you only have gas hobs.
  • Solid Fuel Camping Stove TabletsSolid fuel camping stoves: There are various different designs of stoves that operate on solid-fuel specially meant for camping. Although they do seem to have many similarities in their appearance. Most are round and have an opening at the bottom to place the solid fuel that will be used to power the stove. In most cases the solid fuel is in the form of a small white block (known as “solid fuel tablets) that resembles a bar of soap. This power source gives off tremendous heat and burns for a long period of time making it very cost effective and efficient. Do remember to check the dates on your fuel blocks though as they can degrade over time.

In summary of the different fuel sources I would recommend you go with a camping gas stove for the reasons I mention above; can use it near enough anywhere, can replace / refill gas throughout UK & Europe and is useful for many other things besides camping.

How to choose the best stove for you

I have already spent some time above talking about the different uses for the various types of stove so this may have already given you a better idea of which would suit you best. But just because I want to be extra helpful I have composed a list of questions that you should answer and have ready as you continue you search for the camp stove:

  • When will you be using the stove? Do you go camping, hiking, backpacking, caravanning etc? Your answer to this question should be able to provide some guidance on at least what fuel source is required.
  • How often will you use it? If you are going to use it regularly, like several times a day and you are hiking – you have got to consider that solid tablet fuel stoves would probably not be ideal as you would be using a lot of the tablets. A gas stove would almost certainly suit you best in this circumstance.
  • How much storage space do you have? Obviously if it just you and a backpack it is going to be a little difficult to cart around a giant camp kitchen! Whereas caravans have far more in the way of storage – another question to ponder on.
  • How much have you got to spend? Cost is always a major consideration for anybody looking to make a purchase. The prices of these stoves can range from £5 to well over £50 each – you will then of course need to take into account the cost of the fuel required to power it.
  • Which one do you like best? This may seem trivial but I know some people pay a lot of attention to the aesthetics of a product, a bad looking stove would lose to a handsome one with certain people I know.

Over to you

Thanks for reading this far! I really hope that I have been able to help you in your search. Please do leave any comments or questions on a camping stove you have in the area below and the community and I shall be happy to help. Also, if you have any top tips of your own We’d love to hear from you.

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